miliswa m PROPERTIES

about the company


MiliswaM Properties is founded in Pretoria and opened its first office doors in 2023. MiliswaM Properties is growing into a proudly South African success story. We currently cover Gauteng Province, employing Property Practitioners and staff who spend their days connecting hearts and homes across the province.

We believe that everyone deserves the right place at the right price. A home is more than just any space. Home is someone’s sacred place. A home is where their heart is. And being able to connect their dream to a reality is what matters most. MiliswaM Properties has the local housing market covered, whether it’s low-cost or luxury, whether it’s buying or selling. We strive to make our mark in residential sales and letting.

MiliswaM Properties intend to expand to commercial and agricultural sales as well as property development and management offering.

We continue to offer our people only the best training and ongoing support, continuously backed by state-of-the-art systems and technologies. We continue to abide by sound moral and ethical codes, continuously growing and evolving.


    We are committed to ethical, professional, and responsible conduct to the essence of MiliswaM Properties real estate success, an entrepreneurial value-embracing approach.


    Our mission is to deliver world class services and build sustainable communities to improve lives. MiliswaM Properties is a trusted property brand across Gauteng, South Africa.


Giving you peace of mind in an otherwise chaotic world. Finding or Selling a home is a big thing. We get that. And big things cannot be rushed. We understand that. Sometimes all we need is a little bit of expert help. MiliswaM Properties delivers that!

Trust our property experts to analyse and determine your property value in the market, i.e., Property Valuation. MiliswaM Properties will guide you towards establishing your best possible asking price and advise on whether you should accept any given offer. We also offer property development, property letting, and property management coverage.

MiliswaM Properties offers a comprehensive RENTAL administration service. We utilise a leading automated, web-based Rental Administration System, to manage the entire rental process. Our Rental Administration System ensures that rental payments are processed with ease, speed and accuracy, while offering us and our landlords complete transactional control, regulatory compliance and cost and payment status transparency.

The property industry is a professional industry, and The Property Practitioners Regulatory Authority (PPRA) has legislated that all property practitioners in the real estate industry must comply with set education standards. MiliswaM Properties offers TRAINING & MENTORSHIP for aspiring property practitioners.

  • Twelve (12) months Internship,
  • Intern logbook (PoE),
  • NQF 4 & 5,
  • PDE 4 & 5, etc.